Get To Know More About Solar Cell

Over the past few years, the cost of getting solar power has become tremendously easy and cheaper. Thanks to modern technologies that have opened new avenues for people to embrace this new renewable source of energy. Due to this, there has been a dramatic rise is the sale of solar panels and advanced solar system. Solar panels tend to be rated on efficiency and the power output under standard laboratory conditions. In this post, you will get to know about solar panel and its functioning.


Extreme temperatures tend to lessen the voltage of a Solar Cell — which, you may easily understand that a bad thing. Orthodox rooftop solar systems can lose as much as 30 percent of their electricity outcome on hot days in summer.

Another factors that make panels lose power is that they get dirty. The effects of “soiling” differ extensively by location, but energy harvest sufferers of 10 percent are rare. Research on environmental conditions and panel maintenance procedures could help people deeply understand how and why panels lose power to dirt, which in turn could lead to better prediction of soiling from one solar energy system to another and more effective dirt-resistant treatments for PV module glass.

While heat and dirt diminish solar panels’ energy crop in an easy direct way, shadows are a bit more complex. In situations when a pale cloud goes over the solar module, the power stages just get reduced. However, many times the light is totally or habitually blocked by an enduring structure – such as a utility pole that cover just one side of the module — which can really lead to “hot spots” that tend to damage the module over a period of time.


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