Want To know How Solar Panel Works? Read it Out Here

In recent times, the use of solar panel systems has become increased to large extent. Thanks to raising awareness about clean energy, both industrial and domestic users are now switching to solar energy that is reliable, clean and most importantly harmless. One can easily spot large numbers of solar panels installed on rooftops, big fields, and other places. These panels are meant to collect the solar energy and forward it to for further usage. But do you know how these solar panels work. Let’s know about it right here.

Simply put, a solar panel performs by enabling photons, or particles of light, to hit electrons free from atoms, resulting into a flow of electricity. Solar panels essentially are made ofnumerous, smaller units called photovoltaic cells. These cells are linked together to constitute a solar panel.

Each photovoltaic or solar cell is typically like a sandwich which is made up of two slices of semi-conducting object, generally silicon — the same material used in microelectronics.

In order to function, these cells need to set up an electric field, very much similar to a magnetic field. Due to contrasting poles, an electric field emerges out during the separation of opposite poles. To save this field, scientists cover silicon with other materials, enabling each slice of the sandwich a plus or minus electrical charge.

Several other components of the solar cell turn these electrons into practical power. For example, metal friendly plates fixed on the sides of the cell gather the electrons and transport them to wires. At thisstage, the electrons tend to flow like any other form of electricity.


There can be other kinds of solar power technology — such as solar thermal and concentrated solar power (CSP) — that function in a different way as compared to than photovoltaic Solar System panels, but all yield the power of sunlight to either produce electricity or to heat water.


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